Our Brotherhood


Our undergraduate brothers represent the fraternity as it is today.  Getting to know them means getting to know the fraternity.  We have brothers from all walks of life: rich and poor; black and white; straight and gay; Christian, Muslim, Jew, Atheist, and non-denominational; young and old; fat and thin.  Our rich diversity makes us stronger and unites us all under the banner of freedom and equality. See below for more information on our brothers.

The Executive Board

The Executive Board of Pi Lambda Phi is composed of seven leaders whose duties help shape and guide the fraternity into the future. All of the positions last for one year, with the exception of the New Member Educator, which is replaced every semester.

President – Casey Doran
Graduate Student in Software Engineering
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VP Education & Dev – Kyle Meyer
Junior in Aerospace Engineering
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VP Risk Management – Jake Healy
Junior in Aerospace Engineering
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VP Recruitment – Steven Cheswick
Sophomore in Software Engineering
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VP Communications – Jacob Bowers
Senior in Computer Science and Mathematics
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VP Finance – Luan Duong
Junior in Electrical Engineering
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New Member Educator – Luis Burgos Alvaro
Senior in Mechanical Engineering
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Chapter Advisor

Nelson Cover


Nelson is an alumnus of the Virginia Lambda Kappa Chapter at Roanoke College and serves as our chapter advisor. He provides valuable feedback about recruitment, social, and philanthropic event planning, and served as a Expansion Consultant for Pi Lambda Phi Headquarters.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Al Brown


Dr. Al “Beaker” Brown (“Doc”) teaches Organic Chemistry at FIT, and is Pi Lambda Phi’s faculty advisor.  He is an initiated member of the Pilam brotherhood and has been a cornerstone for the chapter’s continued success on campus. He is an excellent resource to both the chapter and campus community.

Our Alumni


Over the years as the chapter has continued to grow and evolve, many of our alumni have remained active participants in the chapter’s development.  You will see them out at rush events, get-togethers, and in meetings. In addition, many alumni live locally in Melbourne and often can be spotted around campus and the local community.

The chapter’s twenty-fourth anniversary will be celebrated in February of 2016, and is sure to attract a lot of alumni.  It will be a great opportunity for brothers and prospective brothers alike to learn the rich history of Pi Lambda Phi and all the doors that membership opens to them.