How do I join?

Our recruitment initiatives occur twice yearly, at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester at Florida Tech.  During that weeklong rush period, you will be invited to attend events sponsored by our fraternity where you can mingle with our members and get to know us.  All of our rush events are free of charge and transportation is provided to events that are located off campus.  As you get to know us at these events, we will get to know you, and consider you for an invitation to join our fraternity.

What happens from there?

If you are among those considered and accept that invitation, you will begin a process of learning and will be Pi Lambda Phi’s newest associates.  During this learning period, you will be asked to study not only your Florida Tech coursework, but also material pertaining to our history, our traditions, and our goals. This learning period is designed to prepare you for initiation into our fraternity as a full member and focuses on the conveyance of important knowledge, not outmoded concepts like hazing and humiliation. Your continued participation is always at your own discretion and you have the full right at any time to back out for any reason.

If you feel as we all did, however, you will find that learning period one of the most exhilarating phases of your life, and you will soon be a proud brother in our fraternity.  We look forward to seeing you among our ranks!